Congratulations to all the long-time members. The “member since” description is no longer just a few weeks, but shows how long you’ve REALLY been a JobShuk participant. Feels like just yesterday, I’m sure, but go see how long you’ve been on-board. While you’re at it, update your profile, as we’ve added a few more fields that answer some of the most critical questions potential clients ask. And I’m sure your business has adapted a bit over time too, as any good business should.

In the top Grey bar, go to My Account -> Profile ->Edit Profile

What do you think about all the projects we’ve been posting? I’ll emphasise that these opportunities are real, and are NOT being seen by millions, so follow-up if something suits you, or share it/recommend a friend.

Israel Real Estate
Graphic Artist
Web Design
.NET Programmer
PHP Programmer
Graphic Designer
Web Programmer
PHP Programmer
Corporate Web Designer
WordPress Programmer
Online Marketing
Marketing (Eng/Heb)
Web (all for nothing)
Adobe InDesign
WordPress Theme
Graphic Artist

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