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Business OverviewAbbey Content Enterprises, Outsourced Content Services for Media and Business

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Abbey Content Enterprises is a U.S.- and Israel-based producer of content for news media, businesses and organizations. Abbey Content Enterprises specializes in delivering outsourced Internet content solutions for enterprises, news organizations and businesses.Let's step back from that for a minute and speak in English. What does that really mean? We will write quality, professional articles, blog entries, essays and website material for you. These articles will build your credibility with your peers and your customers and will expand your audience. Well-written articles are the best way to prove you are a serious professional with a quality product or service. Recent projects of Abbey Content Enterprises include a daily, online news report for a worldwide Jewish organization, articles and editing for the new edition of the Encyclopedia Judaica, daily updates on a website about culture in jerusalem, financial advice for a US-based blog, and more. Abbey Content Enterprises operates as an extension of our customers' businesses by becoming the professional "newsroom" they need but don't have. We work with customers anywhere in the world who have a need for quality content for their enterprises on a real-time, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. What sets Abbey Content Enterprises apart is the journalism and media experience of our principals and associates. Our expertise gives organizations the ability to inform their employees, customers and the world of their ongoing activities in an objective, non-biased way, which enhances the content's impact. Leveraging our reputation for journalistic expertise with our customers' needs, we permit them to take strategic advantage of outsourcing, enhance quality, and increase credibility. Abbey Content Enterprises editorial department is primarily located in Israel, a country with a large supply of educated, experienced and talented journalists and writers from English-speaking countries, but operating in a lower-cost environment. There is no loss of quality for enterprises that outsource their content development needs, but an additional savings in their ongoing costs. We further add value by allowing our customers' managers and professionals to focus on their core businesses, enhancing their public and internal image-making apparatuses and their operational efficiency and service levels. Unlike outsourcing companies that rely on automation, our hands-on, personal and human touch enhances our value and focus. Content is not something that can be generated without such assets and skills.