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Company NameAkinas
Business OverviewWeb development and design

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Profile Details Services Design The way site looks and X/HTML markup. Programming The functionality of client and admin parts of your site using PHP and AJAX. Databases Design and optimization of MySQL backend. Promotion consulting Making your site Search Engine friendly and urging people to link to you.Contact me Feel free to contact me with questions an suggestions. If you want me to cover a certain topic on my blog just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. Few words about requesting a price quote. Price quote is a result of exhaustive analysis of a project and it's target audience. It may seem like a straight forward ordeal but in fact it never is. Web sites are like cars, they look very similar on the outside but vary greatly on the inslide. If you want to start analizing your project from a developer's viewpoint you might want to write down all the functionality your site will provide in simple sentences starting with "User will be able…" or "Administrator will be able…" This will give you much better idea on your site's scope than thinking in terms of pages and buttons.