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my site (Hebrew) –     +972 548 158 185 For anti-smoking issues please contact avir-naki Drupal Framework for Your Great Site! Drupal is an open source social publishing software which powers businesses and communities. It does it by providing easy interface for publishing, managing, organizing and tracking your data.If you need a small and simple site or blog – do it with WordPress; otherwise, call me for building you a great website. About me:Having 10 years in the software industry, I know how to help you make you best with your given dollars (or shekels…). I was also the founder and leading advocate of the anti-smoking in public venues Israeli movement in 2007. A part of this initiative is reflected by my site: (in Hebrew). This I did on a volunteer basis. I am currently located in Jerusalem. In my spare time I consult using practical philosophy.  my site (Hebrew) –     Phone: +972 548 158 185  Please make your best to keep Israel clean. Thank you.