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    @practicall From right to left (just as Hebrew is written and read…) are:
    1. Charlie Kalech – moderator
    2. Jeff Mendelson – Joomla user
    3. Amir Simantov – Drupal user
    4. Miriam Schwab – WordPress user

    Sorry for the quiet moments between the issues – the mic did not catch the voice of the people asking questions. However, the moderator repeats each question.

    00:00 – SEO
    08:50 – Tagging and categorization
    12:00 – Accessibility and complying to W3C standards
    17:00 – Multilingual sites and right-to-left support
    24:20 – Theming and templates
    32:00 – Using open source vs. Microsoft framework

    A summary panel at the end of CMS seminar organized and managed by Charlie Kalech from JWP (Jerusalem Web Professionals) and held on May 27, 2010 in Jerusalem.