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Company NameNekhamkin Embedded Systems
Business OverviewEmbedded Systems Design and Development

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Design and development of embedded systems (software, firmware, hardware) for automation and control solutions, Machine-to-Machine technologies (M2M), Automatic Meter Reading systems (AMR/AMI/SmartMetering/SmartGrid), remote devices/sensors monitoring and intelligent communication modules (wireless/wired). Expertise in: Firmware. Drivers. BSP. Real Time programming. Low Level Programming. 8, 16 and 32-bit MCUs: Microchip (PIC16, PIC18, PIC24, PIC32), NXP (LPC1xxx/LPC2xxx), ST, Zilog, Atmel (AVR, AT89xxx), Freescale, ARM-based (ARM7 TDMI, Cortex-M3, ARM9), TI / LuminaryMicro (MSP430, S3xxxx), Renesas, Cyan, Intel x51-family (8051, 8052), Marvell XScale (PXA 270). Embedded devices programming: C, Assembler, C# (for WinCE). Interfaces: RS-232/422/485, I2C, SPI, USB (Host, Device, OTG), CAN, Ethernet, Modbus, IrDA, M-bus, 1-Wire. RF communication: 433/867/916MHz and 2.4GHz radio (point-to-point, start, mesh-like and mesh), ZigBee, RF4CE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Mobile communication: GSM/GPRS, CDMA and iDEN (by Wavecom, SimCom, Enfora, iWOW, Telit, Motorola, Siemens/Centurion). Internet communication protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, Web-services. Remote programming/bootloading and remote configuration. Satellite communication (though Gilat equipment). Power Line Communication (PLC by Yitran). PC/Server side programming: dotNet Framework C#, Web-Application, Web-Services, Win-Forms, T-SQL (MS SQL, MySQL). Embedded OS: FreeRTOS, uCOS, Segger, Salvo. Systems Engineering, System Integration, Project management. Provide consulting services for embedded systems and do software and hardware design of microcontroller-based devices. Make the customer happy!  Contacts: Andrey Nekhamkintel: 052-326-7774e-mail: web: