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From 1995 to 2005 I ran one of the private businesses of a major US media and telecom person taking the company from 0 to operations in 22 States. My initial budget was very small, but I was told to "make it happen". In the course of 18 months I found our first early adopter and from that point on the company began to generate cash flow.  The return on investment has been multi-fold and some 15 years after the launch the company is still generating significant quarterly dividends.My main skill is finding early adopters of a new product or service and leveraging this into mainstream adoption of the product across an industry. I moved to Israel in September and I am currently looking to assist Israeli companies that have developed unique products and services and are having difficulty breaking into or expanding their presence in the US and into global markets.I look forward to discussing your project with you.Please contact me at: Barry Schechterbarrysdv@hotmail054 910 5157