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Business OverviewThe Sefer Torah Recycling Network, Writing: Commentary on News from Israel, Blogging Baseball, Textual Content, Internet Marketing

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 The Sefer Torah Recycling Network has been fortunate enough to have facilitated placement of 13 used and restored Sifrei Torah in needy locations throughout Israel.However, we now seek to develope the infrastucture to replicate placemnts of Sifrei Torah in many needy communities on an ongoing basis, not merely one a year. To make this chessed an ongoing activity — restoring and placing Sifrei Torah with their accoutrements on a continual basis takes funds. And so, we seek "Philanthropic Angels." The blog Israel and the Sin of Expulsion originated shortly after the Expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif. The blog focuses on the implications and consequences of expulsion, i.e. the too-tired, corrupt, defeatist mindset of Israeli governance and leaders. While endeavoring to achieve SEO (currently a Google PR4), we also seek revenues as a text link advertising publisher.Blogging Baseball, a sports blog is in it's third season, is a year-round All Baseball-All the Time blog specializing in game recaps and commentary on the Philadelphia Phillies as well as presenting All-Time baseball highlights. In working toward achievement of SEO (currently a Google PR4), we are also seeking revenues deriving from text link advertising publishing.Both blogs offer text link advertising opportunities on their blogrolls, on the front pages as well as on the sub-pages.Please be in contact with Moshe at or at 02-999-6496 for further details.