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Company NameCompass
Business OverviewCounseling olim chadashim and toshavim hozrim

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Business CategoryHealth & Wellness
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New to Israel..??  Feeling out of the loop? Looking for direction….for a way off the emotional rollercoaster??  Whether you are an oleh chadash or a toshav hozer,adjusting to life in Israel can be very challenging and demanding.  Compass is a unique and innovative approachthat recognizes the specific needs and challengesfaced by newcomers, particularly the emotional aspectsof the adjustment period in Israel.  Compass is here to make possible a smooth landing in Israel.Just like a compass… it gives you a sense of orientation, helps situate yourself, and provides a sense of security and direction.              Experience you can trust.                                                                                                                              Sylvia Kassoff                     Services are available in English, Hebrew, and Spanish. Contact Sylvia: