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BIG Design communication design specializes in visual communication and information design. The Company is providing creative design solutions to fit the needs and budget of our clients. At BIG Design much thought is given to the changing needs of corporate clients in a digital world.    Our team forges creativity, technology and expertise in a wide range of fields into all-encompassing high-end design solutions:   Branding – Corporate Identity & Design   Creating a corporate identify for electronic media is one of the biggest challenges businesses face today.  We look at the whole picture in order to forge an original, long lasting corporate identity for our customers. We work with you as one team to create the image that expresses your marketing messages and business advantages in your most critical interaction areas with your customers. From the website, software GUI and presentations to your Logo, corporate look and printed materials.  We help you create a coherent image that can be translated into all your corporate identity transactions and transitions.   BIG Design is also UNESCO awarded experts in traditional corporate design including all kinds of graphic information material.  The Company takes on the toughest communications challenges and meets them with most compelling and provocative graphics.  While every project has its own set of needs, challenges, and requirements, there are basic considerations and milestones that all projects share.   Web – Advanced Web Sites and Web Applications    The web is a dynamic extension of your company that must be constantly updated, newer than this morning's newspaper. We keep the appeal of your Web site fresh alive, through a partnership with your business and marketing teams. Your site is easier to update, using our bigCMF (Content Mamagment Framework) for sections that are always changing.   We keep in mind that media hype should never overpower the message. So while you'll find us on top of every emerging technology, our focus is always on your business & marketing goals – to get your messages to the target audience, showcase and sell your company, its products and services.