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Company NameEndoscopic Microsurgery Associates, P.A.
Business OverviewPractioner, Gastroenterology
Years of Experience11-20
LocationBaltimore (Towson), MD USA

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Notable ClientsEmployed as Medical Practitioner/Physician Assistant @ Endoscopic Microsurgery Associates, P.A. in Towson, MD.
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Physician Assistant/Medical Practitioner since 1996 with 12 years in Gastroenterology specialty with duties including  new patient consults & follow-up care; management of patients ranging in age from early-teens through elderly; management of patients with all types of G.I. disorders/diseases at all stages of patient care from initial consult & diagnostics through assessment and definitive care including patients with GERD; refractory GERD with LPR; Barrett's Esophagus; EOS; IBD; IBS; Celiac & other malabsorptive syndromes; short bowel syndrome; acute & chronic pancreatitis & chronic/acute gallbladder disease as well as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency; intolerances & SIBO; various anemias; hepatitis, viral & autoimmune and other biliary diseases; NAFLD; and others; ordering & interpreting diagnostics including laboratory studies; upper & lower endoscopy studies with biopsies/polypectomies; imaging studies including US [trans-abdominal, Upper-EUS], various nuclear studies [GES, HIDA, Octreotude studies, post-cholecystectomy HIDA, etc.], MR, CT, & X-Ray; Esophageal Manometry, impedance & standard station pull-through; RES-Tech/BRAVO; EGG; breath testing/SBBO & other intolerances; pre-Stretta & Nissen evaluations, etc.  Work with supervising physician and nursing staff in the management of G.I. patients including IBD in directing care with biologics & other immune modulators.  Expert in the use of electronic medical records systems (EMR) having used G-Care2 and NextGren.  Also, have B.S.N./R.N., licence in MD. Hospital Chaplain, USAF Chaplain Corps & USAF Medical Corps, IRR. Also worked as school health officer/school nurse program at Talmudical Academy of Baltimore, MD.

Hobby Interests:  Amateur Radio.  Web Site: