• LLOYD MASEL posted an update: 6 years, 5 months ago

    I’m interested to get in touch with enterprising young businessmen and women, living either in Israel or America and who have good network connections in either country, or both.

    It’s an MLM project, but please investigate this business opportunity carefully. There is money to be made and those who have already signed up are doing very nicely.

    But first, the company. You’ll find everything you need to know about this creative Israeli company by opening the site: http://www.magnetika-int.com. They have recognized approval at governmental level. It is a reliable and sound company.

    The products marketed by the company are registered under the brand Marvalous. http://marvalous.com
    They are all protected by worldwide exclusive Patent Rights and are currently being supplied throughout Israel and the States. Further expansion to other parts of the world is already in the advanced planning stages.

    Of particular interest is Omega 3, Capsules made from sage, as distinct from fish oil. Omega 3 which is highly recommended to be taken for added healthcare is a $40 billion worldwide business. You should check Google for information about fatty acids which Omega 3 provides.

    All Marvalous products are Kosher with adequate authorization.

    This post is simply an outline of the project. If you would like precise detailed information about Marvalous products and how you could benefit handsomely from becoming a distributor, please e-mail me and I’ll arrange for an authorized Team Leader to get in touch with you.

    Lloyd Masel
    falstaff88@gmail.com #project