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Company NameFreedman 613, Inc.
Business OverviewGershon Freedman, MD, Board-certified psychiatrist in the United States & Israel.. Over 20 years experience.

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Business CategoryHealth & Wellness
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Personal InformationDr. Gershon Freedman did a traditional psychiatric residency at Maimonides Medical Center in Boro Park in the mid 1980's.  Since then he's practiced in Los Angeles in numerous settings while raising a large family, learning Torah & Chassidut.  The practice is based on the positive, spiritual teachings of Chassidut rather than the traditional, problem-oriented secular paradign of modern psychiatry.  When needed conventional biologic therapies are used with specialization in all the major psychiatric conditions.  He has extensive experience in evaluations and brief crisis management.  If you have a need, please contact him.In 2005 he made aliyah and currently resides with his wife in Yavne'el in Galil Tachton.  Since his practice is distant from the main population those interested in discussing an internet link can be arranged by contacting him via email or telephone.  At this point in time only English or Spanish speaking clients will be accepted.He would also be interested in working for another psychiatrist or clinic where ENglish or Spanish speaking patients are seen.To learn more or for a free initial consultation please email him at: or visit his wordpress blog: freepsycharticles.comfor articles on "Psychiatry in the Light of Torah"He can be reached at 818-534-7523 or 050-265-5597 oremail: