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Business OverviewGershon Harris Translations – Specializing in Hebrew-English/English-Hebrew

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I am a freelance translator from Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew. This is a home-based business which I operate after my regular full-time job. I began in 1999 by translating academic works and theses for an Israeli extension of a foreign university. I can translate a wide range of material, including academic theses and works, tests, proposals and texts; personal certificates and documents (marriage licenses, birth certificates, etc.), legal documents and letters, legal briefs, court papers, advertisements, public relations material, budget and price proposals and more. I will not take on highly specialized works, like most medical or highly technical or technological items that require much higher specialization. My usual policy is to ask for a sample fax or e-mail of material and then decide if I can handle the job.My clients include dozens of private individuals, several ad agencies with English publication access, the English "Hamodia" newspaper, public relations firms, the Jewish Agency, professors from several Israeli universities and private lawyers and law firms. E-mail has made both local and international business very easy, and non-Israeli clients can pay via PayPal, personal dollar check or bank transfer to either an American or Israeli account. I am a registered Israeli business and issue receipts and invoices as required. Prices are flexible, usually starting at 50 Israeli shekels per a 250 word, typed space-and-half or double spaced page + 15.5% Value Added Tax. However, depending on scope of work and frequency of jobs and clientele, discounts are offered. At today's dollar-shekel exchange rate, that would be approximately $14 per page + VAT. HOWEVER, the dollar rate changes as per currency fluctuations, so the dollar rate would be based on the representative exchange rate published by the Bank of Israel on or near date of actual payment. The minimum is one page or any part thereof, so, for example, if you need a single certificate or item that is actually less than 250 words, the price would still be 50 Shekels or the dollar equivalent. Likewise for two separate certificates, etc.: each one would be considered a single-page work. In larger works, especially theses and papers, partial pages are considered and things like the title page and pages with only a few lines are not charged. Online contact information: E-mails:                                            Home: 972 4 6935596   Mobile: 972 52 4377456Mailing address: P.O.B. 361                        Hatzor Haglilit 10300 ISRAEL  Feel free to contact me with specific questions, proposals and offers.