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Company NameMy Online Venture, Inc
Business OverviewWe market business consultation packages that may be resold by our clients for 100% profit.

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Business CategorySales & Marketing
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My Online Venture, Inc. was created to locate and identify fast wealth generating marketing systems, that could easily be implemented by the average person.Our primary product that we market, is a marketing consultation website. This website contains 5 primary packages that contain detailed information on how to successfully market any business, large or small. And expounds upon the principles of sound marketing practices that are required to launch any successful marketing campaign.We primarily market the business related side of these packages. So we sell these packages to our clients, who turn around and sell the same level package they purchased from us to their clients for a complete 100% profit of each sale they make.Packages begin at $500 and range up to $12,000.What makes this system so attractive is, that it's completely turn key. Also, the way the system is set up, it only takes a few sales a month to do well with this program. Our website & the system we use, does an excellent job of explaining our products and channels highly qualified potential clients, directly to us. After listening to our message from the phone number listed on our site, the caller is transferred directly to either my partner or myself, or our call center. The reason this should interest you is because our system is completely duplicable. It can be implemented from anywhere in the world (you need an internet connection and a phone or cell phone) Once it's set up, it's designed to get people to call you to learn more about the site and learn how they can make money with this business (most people are pretty excited about the concept of receiving $3500 & up & generally request information on how to proceed to purchase the package) If you'd like more information, or want to learn more about what I just explained, then visit and type " GO " to get in.If you have any questions, you can call the number on the site. At the end of the call you'll be transferred either to me or my partner, Gary. And we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Talk to ya' soon!