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  • This blog is targeted at all the folks out there who "know" what they’re doing in their given profession, or field. You may be very knowledgable about your business. But you need to share what you know with others and benefit them in such a powerful way, that you will be unforgettable in their eyes.  The way you [...]

  • People who do not really understand how selling works, will often feel the necessity to lay high pressure sales tactics to close a sale. Some people even feel quite helpless when a potential customer has a seemingly plausible argument why they can not buy. Like money. Get that out of your head immediately, and stop thinking like that! [...]

  • This week’s email from JobShuk posed an interesting question regarding business cards. The question was, "how to use them as an effective means of advertising?" I emailed Zvi, and he suggested I share my thoughts by posting a blog.  So… here goes! You have to think creative if you want this to work. A possible suggestion would be, to go…[Read more]

  • You can feel free to copy & paste the signature file below (remember to replace your profile, with mine) This will get more people to see your profile. But it will also expand the JobShuk database as more and more people do this too. Please share this link with friends & colleagues. And feel free to leave your [...]

  • This is such a no brainer! You’re here on this site because you want people who need your services to contact you. And guess what? So does everyone else! So what are you waiting for? You should be sharing and introducing friends and colleagues to JobShuk regularly to make this a very active site. When this site will [...]

  • Let’s face it. Today running a business is really tough. It’s not like the good old days. In the good old days, you could make a lot of mistakes, and still get away with it. With the advent of technology & the internet at the palm of your hands, the playing ground today for businesses small & [...]

  • The way you distinguish yourself, from other businesses in your industry that provide the same services as your business does, will establish your main selling point that you can use to sell your product or service. If you’re the same as everyone else in your industry, what reason do I have to buy from you? I can [...]