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PAINTING*CLEANINGI wish you all a happy and bright 2008. Let me help you brighten upyour year by giving a new look to your home, both interior andexterior.Apart from painting and decorating, I also clean furniture andcarpets, clean and polish floors and steam clean kitchenstoves/cookers, fridges, rotating grills, toaster ovens etc. Whatbetter way to make your new year a bright one!With over 24 years experience in Israel, I can provide dozens ofletters of recommendation. My standard of work is high, and my pricessomewhat below that!!!!TAKE A LOOK AT MY WEBSITE at for an in-depth view ofwhat I do, and contact me for a free estimate.03-7320194 0r 052-2529437hylsher@…Hylton SherH.L.PAINTING LTD