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Company NameMashkenta Ltd. – Mortgage & Refinance Solutions in Israel
Business Overviewmortgage loan in israel

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  "Mashkenta means “mortgage loan” in Hebrew"Mashkenta's" goal is to provide real estate credit in IsraelWhen does Mashkenta step in?If you want to purchase real estate in Israel and you do not have financing,If you want to buy back a real estate credit already contracted,If you want to obtain consumer credit ,If you want us to handle your loan management.."Mashkenta" is here to answer all your questionsWhy should you contact Mashkenta?Purchasing real estate in Israel, if you are thousands of miles away from the location of the property, is not an easy task. In order to do this successfully, it is essential to turn to professionals to facilitate financing the property you wish to purchase. Mashkenta is committed to conscientiously and responsibly managing your credit file.We have extensive experience in the banking field, So Mashkenta deals with financing your real estate credit from A to Z.Judith Mizrahi Marketing Manager TEL: 054 700 71 85