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Business OverviewWriting, editing, translating Heb>Eng: professional articles, reports, correspondence, papers, books, technical and IT training and software manuals, marketing and web texts. Excellent and reliable, polished work

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Business CategoryWriting & Translation
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If you need your English text written, organized, edited, or just polished: I can do it. If you need translation from Hebrew to English of general information or IT texts, I can produce a professional, easy-to-read English version to please you.While gaining formal and informal experience, I have completed various projects in editing and polishing English texts such as

–Master's and Doctoral theses  Working with the candidates from handwritten text to publication, followed by extraction of material for related articles;  

–A chapter within a University text for Urban Planning Successful organization and editing of material pulled from various projects including final work with the publisher in the UK. 

Starting early on with a national award for writing (USA), I went on to earn a BA in Business and Education (Summa cum Laude), including writer's courses and MA level course work in English (USA). My first job was as an educator at High School and Junior College levels in the US. In Israel I worked as an editor/typist at a international research institute. In the business arena, along with other positions, I owned and managed a small retail/service business in the US and worked as Administrative Assistant to various top-level managers. My latest outside employment was as IT Manager for an international manufacturing firm in Jerusalem. I now translate for them.To succeed in today's international market, one must be flexible and have broad knowledge and experience.  Between, alongside and as part of my experience everywhere, I wrote ads, edited technical and marketing articles for scientists and managers, prepared and/or edited website text and layout, and assisted with PowerPoint presentations (editing, organizing and graphic layout).  For the last 2 years I have been working from home translating and editing technical texts, training materials and software manuals. The international architectural and urban planning firm continues to be one of my regular clients for everything from editing and preparing correspondence to presentations and project descriptions. Some examples of my extemporaneous writing can be seen at my views-on-the-news website:    I am able to write at the appropriate level and in the best style for the job.  I can write in YOUR voice. It's your call!Contact me for a resumé and futher information.