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Company NameJinzhou DPF-TH Chemicals Co., Ltd.lubricant additives
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Tianhe Chemicals started business operation with the registered capital of 100 million yuan (RMB) since 1992. Tianhe Chemicals, on the strength of enterprising perseverance & concerted efforts, has developed into a conglomerate company who has research & development and production capability for providing multiple product lines and gets several hundred million dollars of sales revenue each year. Tianhe Chemicals has been the network supplier of PetroChina and Sinopec and the important project demonstration base designated by State Science Commission. In Jinzhou and the surrounding areas, there are four major independent production bases. Tianhe Chemicals has developed a wide range of products, including lubricating oil additives and fluoride products in more than 30 varieties. Several of them even fill up the gap in domestic production. The Company has made great contributions and achievements for the fine chemicals and fluoride industry.The fluorocarbon alcohol series developed by tianhe will bring revolutionary change to the company and even the rag trade and coating industry. The long-chain alkyl benzene sulphonate and salts thereof filled up the gap in domestic production and became a new generation of high-quality lubricant oil additives.Tianhe Chemicals, going overseas to bring in the foreign advanced technology and scientific management mode, gradually explores the integration of the corporate culture and establishes a set of sound high-tech management system in line with the China's national conditions. These are the advantages that ensure the company has always stood together the world's most advanced cutting-edge technologies, and promote China's fine chemical industry to flourish. Tianhe Company will reward the customers, society and country with the best products and service and pursue excellence with everlasting innovative spirit.