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Business OverviewINVENTION DEVELOPMENT, IP Protection, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks-Do You Have A Unique and Novel Idea? We will make it a Reality.

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Business CategoryBusiness Services
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I am an Israeli/American who has authored a published U.S. and Israeli Patent. I have travelled throughout China, and have successfully developed and marketed a new invention. I am currently working on the development of new inventions for my clients.You will receive advice on which type of protection is best for your idea, i.e. patent, copyright, or trademark. If finances are difficult, you will receive guidance on how to write your own patent. If your idea is not patentable, you will be instructed on how to proceed, and suceed without a patent.I will design or assist you in the design of your invention as well as create the marketing direction for your product and incorporate this direction into both  the product and it's outer package design. You will be presented with a completed prototype. This will include the finished product in its package, complete with all graphics, product name and marketing jingles.Even with a small investment, a simple idea containing some novelty, can be converted into a winner in the market.When the time comes for manufacturing, my office in China will find the best, and most reliable factory, as well as the best price for manufacturing your product. We will be in charge of all quality control so that you will not be disappointed when your product arrives.In short, you will be led through the entire process of New Invention Development,  from A-Z.There are many who have good  ideas, but the successful are those who act upon them.