• mevzion posted an update: 6 years, 5 months ago

    Small Project: Need Someone with PHP/Javascript/AJAX-SACK/MySQL Expertise
    I’ve developed a small company web site that is 90% complete. I’m not technical and developed it using SiteSpinner and PHP scripts.
    I’m looking for someone to spend one or more 4-hour sessions with me to solve specific problems and complete the pieces of the site that I don’t know how to do. The person should have expertise in PHP/Javascript/AJAX-SACK and MySQL. I would pay you at the end of each session.
    You should live in the Jerusalem area – while it would be possible to do this by Skype I’ve reached the point where I want to raise specific issues and have them resolved on the spot so I can complete the site.
    Please let me know your background, availability, location, and how much you would charge.
    mevzion@gmail.com #project