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Regardless of my role, whether Engineer, Database Administrator or Project Leader, I strive to accurately solve problems and implement solutions on schedule and within budget. Passionate about innovative process improvements, it's my nature to look for opportunities to improve the product and/or process while successfully completing assignments.  I have learned that process details can occasionally become candidate solutions to different problems. I find team collaboration (in a member or leadership role) to be stimulating, yet I also work well independently with minimal or no supervision.Since making Aliyah from the US in 2008 and working for a little over a year in Netanya, I have become aware that it is often necessary to start at the bottom regardless of one’s past career success. I am willing to do that for a quality-conscious company. I am seeking a position with an organization that is interested in:Innovative Process ImprovementsCollaborative Team WorkBenefitting from my Engineering, Database and/or Project Lead background. Below is a brief recap of my history, for more details please view my online résumé and references at Database Administration:  My most recent experience with DELEK, Israel's Fuel Company, has been as an Oracle Application Database Administrator in support of development and test environments. Previously through a variety of outsourcing firms in the United States, I have worked in both Unix/Linux and Microsoft OS with Oracle and SQL Server databases of engineering, medical, government, and business data.  On several occasions I stepped into abandoned DBA positions to correct business-crippling problems, and then mentored and handed over duties to a junior DBA.  I have also been brought in to assist with development efforts including performance of data migrations from various legacy sources, version upgrades, data modeling, creation of stored procedures, database security and performance improvement, data integrity resolution, creation of efficient reporting and documentation.  Clients include: Gibson Guitar USA, Medquist, OEConnection, ASM International, University Hospitals Health System, Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co. L.P.A., Beech Brook, U-Store-It, STERIS Corporation, and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.Engineering:  I started my career as a chemical engineer coding computers to solve engineering design problems.  The tools I created greatly improved efficiency and created a new profit center for the Babcock & Wilcox Company.  I continued coding improvements as an outsource resource in the engineering arena solving engineering process problems for SOFCo’s Alliance Research Center, Shell Chemical Risk Management, Union Carbide Corp., The Monsanto Company, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Anheuser-Busch, Chemical Waste Management, U.S. Department of Defense, Ethyl Petroleum Additives, Marsh Ink Company, and Engineering Design & Management.  Project Management:  As a lead process engineer, I consulted with corporate officers regarding their visions and assisted them in realizing their desired outcomes through the preparation of project definitions and cost estimates for funding.  I generated process documents and interacted with client representatives, managers, engineering and designer teams effectively.  And successfully developed my team to function efficiently in my physical absences; allowing me to directly address urgent issues.  I managed three $5 million projects at various stages at the same time for The Monsanto Company, and directed the efforts of eighteen engineers on multi-million dollar projects for Union Carbide.