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MonaVie was set up as a LLC company 3 years ago in 2005. Since then it has bloomed as one of the world’s top health drink companies. MonaVie’s headquarters are at present situated in Salt Lake City, Utah. MonaVie produces a health drink blending 19 important different fruits. These fruits are  acai berry, aronia, apricot, acerola, passion fruit, purple grape, camu, banana, kiwi, pomegranate, lychee fruit, nashi pear, prune, bilberry, cranberry, wolfberry, pear, blueberry, and white grape.  Each fruit included in this juice has been specially selected for their health advantages. All 19 fruits have been perfectly blended to make a powerful health supplement. The major component or fruit of the blend is the acai berry. This berry is collected from the Amazon. This fruit is in higher amount in this juice and other fruits are in less amount in it. Every fruit has been singled out to harmonize the health benefits of the acai berry. MonaVie was the company that put the acai berry on the map. From the time of its introduction a number of other health related companies have started making supplements bearing the acai berry.  MonaVie juices features two different blends of its health drink, one is the Original blend and a newer one that enhances antioxidant activity. The dissimilarity between the two is the degree of antioxidant activity. The new blend has enhanced this activity by almost twice the original. Antioxidants are very essential for body for anti-aging effects. Together with the antioxidant’s MonaVie’s health enhancement offers phytonutrients, which is essential to stay healthy. In general, MonaVie offers many juices in its product line and they seem to have many nutritional benefits. You can also start your monavie business. For this you must make an intellectual decision when preferring it as a business opportunity. Ensure to research the entire company, all the consumables and spend in the correct tools to build your business.