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Company NameIsrapay
Business OverviewCSPP, Certified Senior Payroll Professional; Consultation & Analysis for employers and employees, mini-seminars on payroll and labor law issues
Years of Experience11-20

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Business CategoryBusiness Services
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Are you using financial programs that don't "speak" to each other (time-sheet, payroll and bookkeeping) ?

Save precious time by canceling the need for recurring manual tasks
Better and more in-depth checks and balances prior to payroll
Cut down on recurring mistakes due to a system that might not be best suited or optimally used
Looking for someone reliable and efficient that speaks your language ?
Mini-seminars for employers, geared to increasing awareness of labor laws and regulations.


Moshe Egel-Tal is a Senior Payroll Comptroller and Bookkeeper with over 20 years of experience in all facets of Payroll, Bookkeeping, Customer Service and Instruction.

Native English speaker, mother-tongue level Hebrew.

University Lecturer on Payroll and Human Resources.

Familiar with all aspects of Payroll and Israeli labor laws. experience with all types of employees: hourly, monthly, projects and commissions.

Familiar with all current / leading time-sheet, payroll and bookkeeping systems/programs available.

Experience in integrating programs to work with each other (computerizing manual tasks) and in setting up Payroll departments from scratch including procedures, characterization and setup of Payroll program according to customer needs, translation of payslip terminology from Hebrew to English and posting on Internal company website (intranet) and more.


We can help determine the best system for your needs, optimize the systems you are using, integrate and implement additional systems where needed and give in-depth instruction to your HR/Payroll employees.

startup companies/employers

Know what your obligations are to employees before you hire
Know what their obligations are to you
What you are allowed to do and what you aren't – in policies and procedures regarding employees

Rather than pay an Accountant top dollars for this service, we can provide better service at just a fraction of the cost because this is my specialty. we speak your language and can give you tips and tricks on how to avoid certain scenarios.
We have a vast working knowledge of all aspects of HR, Payroll and Bookkeeping practices and procedures in Israel.
We have successfully setup Payroll departments and fine-tuned others.


Do you know what your rights are by Law, statute or regulation ?
What your employer is obligated to pay you for and how much ?
When is your employer obligated to pay you ?
How much is the required rate for overtime hours ?
What are your vacation / sick days / reserve duty / holiday rights ?
Are you being paid for training / internship ?
Are you entitled to social benefits ?
Are you being re-imbursed for travel expenses to and from work ?
What are your rights when you are terminated from your position ?
mini-seminars on employee's rights, labor laws

and much more….

Get in touch today and find out how you might be getting short-changed by your employer and what you can do about it. for a minimum fee you will receive an expert analysis which will be explained to you in your own language in a one-on-one discreet meeting.




Moshe Egel-Tal, CSPP
Founder and CEO, Israpay  "making payroll simple"


Mobile: 054-4992705

Skype: motal7

Snail Mail:  p.o. box 44429 Jerusalem, Israel 91443

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