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Ads Advantage is an industry leader in paid search advertising and traffic development for your website.

Ads Advantage also serves as an outsourcing sales center providing a wide variety of telemarketing services including lead generation and sales to many types of businesses, firms and organizations. Our agents are provided with the most current in telemarketing CRM Software and programs that help maximize productivity and are easy to learn.

Our work environment is what separates us from the other "call centers" Our agents are hard working and dedicated with long term commitment. We are able to retain our agents for much longer than other call centers and offer a better compensation structure. We offer lots of incentives and bonuses to keep the atmosphere highly competitive. Our success is also attributed to the extensive research and careful selection put in to the projects we choose to take on. Our agents are well trained to take on all types of sales projects in the U.S.

In our current project we have partnered up with a Authorized Google AdWords Specialist Company, Selling Google Adwords Placement. Agents also have the ability to prepare for the GAP Exam (Google Adwords Professional) with certified management. WE ARE LOOKING TO HIRE FOR THIS POSITION.

If you Have a project and are looking to outsource lead generators or sales we can provide the best agents for your project. We can provide you with any advertising sales service in all forms of media from market evaluation, pricing strategies, client relations, phone sales, sales training, project management, supervision, motivation and mentoring.

Innovative professional with 7 years of Advertising Sales experience in all forms media with the skills to drive business growth, capitalize on new client potential, maintain existing clients and manage all aspects of daily business operations.

Proficient in the use of various computer programs and applications

Ongoing advertising projects:

Authorized Google Adwords Professional.Google Adwords Placement

Advertising sales for a monthly English language Israeli publication called “Isratimes Magazine”. Top English – Israeli kosher restaurant web site (Jerusalem-Anglo web site) (Jewish news)

Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Team’s game program 2009-2010 season

If you would like to get exposure in front of the Anglo speakers in Israel and want to advertise.

Fluent in both English and Hebrew

Oren Nidam