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Creative and organized. Those are the words I would choose to describe myself if I were allowed only two. I studied at one of Israel's premier art schools and worked as a designer and graphic artist for many years. As I began to raise a family, I found that I could combine these two qualities to create a pleasant and comfortable home environment, improving the quality of life of not only for them, but for myself as well. Having the entire house uncluttered and organized esthetically relieved much of the tension that came with the pressures of working while raising a family. Eventually, I decided to impart what I learned to others by becoming a Professional Organizer – a field that was not well-known in Israel when my American mother-in-law suggested it to me.  BaMakom HaNachon – "In The Right Place" is dedicated to helping you systematically organize your home and office. In addition, "In the Right Place" offers a full range of home staging, packing and styling services. Learning to become organized often causes emotional stress. My coaching services can help you reduce tension in your daily life by becoming organized.  My work is done discreetly and efficiently. Together, we can improve your quality of life and create an esthetically pleasing environment in your home or office. I am committed to your privacy. I am never critical, but always there with suggestions and willing to listen. Together we can put your life "In the Right Place."  For more information, please see my web site:   054-5759566   In the Right Place (Formerly the A to Z Organizer)