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JOBSEEKERS–Let the OU Job Board work for you!

The OU Job Board lists current jobs that are available NOW!

Go to the OU Job Board at

•Search by State, profession or both •Search USA Canada or Israel

EMPLOYERS–Look no further

Be part of the prestigious list of employers who already use the OU Job Board to find highly qualified candidates to fill their open posiions and by posting the positions you need filled.It’s simple easy and free and gets results fast! Simply go to

•Register• See the latest resumes of highly qualified people• Search by qualifications, location and category

APPLICANTS–Looking for guidance?

Join our many partners across the USA,Canada and Israel who will offer the needed services for you to get started. Our partners provide employment counselors to help you write resumes and do full screening to enhance your job prospects. Please go to our web site at to see whose services are available in your area now.


The OU Job Board practically "invented" the "Virtual Job Fair".

To join a Job Fair in your area simply post your resume. Upon receipt of your resume the Job Fair has begun. The OU Job Board searches participating employer’s jobs and sends them your resume for review. If accepted by the employer, a scheduled "by invitation only" e mail confirms your interview on the Job Fair day.

Invites only attend the fair, simplifying the process.

Now you can sign up for our Live Video Workshops/Seminar hosted by leading experts in thei ndustry. All you need is a high speed connection and a computer and you’re set. Simply sign up for the next WorkSeminar(

No need to travel to our work shops, they are brought to you live by the OU Job Board. Q/A period are held via e mail after the workshop

Best of all ALL our services are FREE

The OU Job Board-Changing your life-forever