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Business OverviewSpecial Education – Hebrew/English and computers technical support and beta tester

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Business CategoryEducation & Consulting
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 I have over 9 years experience doing technical support  as well as being a beta tester for companies in the US and Israel.  I am hard worker, dedicated, team player, experienced tech support representative who has skills as well as has a love of computer systems and is a fast learner. I speak English fluently and have solid written & verbal communication skills.  I demonstrated a very good analytical and problem solving skills as you cans see by my experience and dedication.  I know the ins- and outs of  various Windows OS’s systems, Microsoft Office 2003-2010, VOIP systems, and the use of a computer  I have a BA and MA in the Teaching field with over 18 years experience in the teaching field of Education specifically in Special Education and in teaching English using many modalities.  I am hard working, dedicated, creative, dynamic, and have a love of teaching that I show to my students.  I have taught Chumash, Mishnah,  Navi, Halacha, Dikduk, Handwriting, Parsha.  In the English Department I can  teach many subjects.  I can teach English which encompass learning how to  read, write, and speak English.  I am native English speaker who has  experience teaching English.  I can also teach Math, Science, Social  studies, computers, and more.