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  • ThumbnailBirth Support in Israel, from the beginning to after birth is crucial to a well integrated immigrant family.  There are so very many factors that go into healthy outcomes – this is a topic for another blog. Do you know what  "DOULA" means?According to Webster’s dictionary:   dou⋅la –noun a woman who assists women during labor and…[Read more]

  • So, it wasn’t enough to move to Israel.  It wasn’t enough to attend births, teach childbirth classes, be a part of the larger birth community here, in Israel.  I have seen that there are a number of valuable women, not working as doulas.  I have seen couples who wish they knew how to reach doulas who fit [...]

  • Doula’s offer constant and continuous support. They don’t leave you at shift change, or at lunch- or at midnight! Recent studies show that when a Doula is present at a birth, labors tend to be shorter, coping with pain is improved, less technical aid is required, and the experience is more satisfying for the mother. Regardless of [...]