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Business OverviewNewspaper columnist in Charleston, South Carolina; Features Writer for same newspaper; Copy Editor for Everyone I know; Yoga and Fitness Instructor. I am a versatile writer and an excellent copy editor. I am also adept at dealing with people.

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Business CategoryWriting & Translation
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I majored in English at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, USA, but have been writing since I was agile enough to hold a pencil. I am one of those people who finds copy editing mistakes in newspapers, books, signage, and everything I walk past, and will often point it out to someone if it can be changed before others notice. I wrote a popular column in the Charleston Post & Courier, a newspaper with a circulation over 500,000, for over two years, and occasionally wrote Features as well. I love to write. I also have excellent people skills. One of my co-workers at a baseball team in Portland, Maine told me that I have a way of 'talking people off the ledge'. I like making an angry person feel at ease, taking someone from yelling to apologizing. While working in the front offices of baseball teams in America, I developed excellent organizational skills, juggling employee schedules, ticket requests, angry fans, computer and software glitches, unreasonable Major League employee requests, and jealous co-workers. Five years as a bartender while in college and after honed these skills. I have studied yoga for several years, and have been an Instructor for six. I have studied under many masters, and have taken a little something from each of their teachings. I also, prior to making Aliyah, studied Kempo Karate, achieving the rank of second-degree green belt. At the same dojo, I studied Kung Fu and Tai Chi. I am already practicing yoga in Tel Aviv, and look forward to continuing my Martial Arts studies. It is the diversity in my education and training that sets me apart. I am a hard worker and enjoy a challenge. I always want to learn new things and am willing to try almost anything, with no worries about making an ass of myself. I'm okay with that. I am currently studying Hebrew at Ulpan Gordon in Tel Aviv. I am not yet conversational, but I'm working on it.  I can be reached at, or at 054 2319339.