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Recent nursing graduate from a NY State Bachelor's program and currentNYS Board of Nursing licensure looking for a job in an Englishspeaking health care setting in the Tel Aviv, Modi'in or Rana'na area.Completed courses and clinical training over 2 years in medicalsurgical nursing, psychiatric, obstetric, pediatrics and communitybased nursing. Specialty training from a 260 hour internship programin labor and delivery at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New HydePark, NY. Would prefer to continue to work in the obstetrics specialty(such as with a midwife, antepartum clinic,or delivery room setting)however any job where nursing skills are implemented is wanted, suchas private office, home care etc.Letters of recommendation and resume available upon request. pleasecontact:Tari Brodsky054-328-5433tari.brodsky@ gmail.comThanks!