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Company NameCondor Audio
Business OverviewComputer / Network Sales / Repair / Installation. Restoration of Radio and Electronic equipment – Budget and High-end, Solid-sate and Tube equipment. 1st network installed in 1989! That means 22 years of hands-on experience and expertise – no need to learn at your expense!!!
Years of Experience21-30
LocationGush Etzion – serving all of Israel.

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Business CategoryBusiness Services
Standard RatesSh350 for 1st hour, Sh150/hour thereafter. Very affordable maintenance program. Affordable Flat rates for standard work.
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"You can't fix it! Throw it away and buy a new one. We've got a special sale on, right now!"Don't you  hate hearing these words from a serviceman/technician?In today's electronics world, it's painfully obvious that the quality of the components that once was, is no longer.> Right here, learn what really affects the reliability and lifetime of your electronic equipment."> Manufacturers are pressured to drop their prices, because the consumer is not willing to pay higher prices, so the manufacturers contract lower and even-lower quality components, just to meet the consumers' price expectations, and still make enough profit to remain in business. The bottom line is that the products no longer last nearly as long as their predecessors used to do.So where does that leave you, the frustrated consumer, who not even 6 months ago, shelled out hundreds of shekels for a product which the smiling salesman promised you "would last a lifetime"?You have 2 options:1. Either to take the salesman's "advice", and buy a new piece of junk, all pretty and nicely packaged, to convince you that the product is really worthwhile.2. Or to repair it. But not a cheap-fix repair, a REAL NITTY GRITTY restoration and rebuild, which will probably cost the same as buying a new one.Now, you may ask "Why repair it, for the same money as buying a new one?"And the answer is quite simple  - In a new product, you get more junk, and certainly even-lower-quality components.In a rebuild, I use MUCH higher quality components (YES, they are still very much available) than the original manufacturer's cheap specification, which will last at least 5 -10 years.If necessary, I even modify the original circuits, to improve the reliability or quality.In my nearly 30 years experience in the electronics industry, I have restored 50 year-old Tube-radios, to better than new condition, 30 year-old (Real) Hi-Fi Stereos to a quality that knocks the socks off the new CHEAP (even if it's 10,000 shekels) Digital "Hi-Fi's" of today, and lengthened the lives of computer equipment, saving consumers and businesses many thousands in the long run.Gramophones, Record Players, Reel-to-Reel Tapes, Film Projectors, Stereos – everything that the modern technician wouldn't know where to start.Bang and Olufsen, Philips, Grundig, Sony, Panasonic, Aiwa, Toshiba, the best names in the business – before all the Chinese junk infected the market.You name it, I've done it!In short, I don't buy that NEW is always better.Unlike many Computer/Electronic technicians today (with BIG advertising signs, BIG spins, and little or no experience), I don't have to learn on your equipment (at your expense) to gain experience.Don't you just love watching those know-it-all technicians, swapping PCB boards in and out of your computer, hoping that by trial-and-error they'll find the right combination which will bring your machine back-to-life, all the while speaking impressive "computerese" to mask the fact that they're just learning while you pay them?????Yes, it's true that there aren't many technicians left who know how to solve problems at the component-level anymore, but these are the chaps who really know what's going on.My initial Electronics Education was sponsored by IBM (in the 1970's), and continually updated with the latest advancements in Electronics and Computer Technology. I maintain a fully-equipped workshop, with diagnostic equipment that the average technician can only dream about. That means that, during a repair, you'll get your equipment fixed right the first time, and get it back much faster.I provide the following Services: New Computer Sales and ServiceUsed Computer Service and RepairNetwork Design and InstallationRebuild of UPS (Battery Backups) with 5-year warranty!!! Sales and Service of Professional Ham radio communications equipment from Palstar and other fine manufacturersRestoration of any Radio and Electronic Equipment, even if it's 60 years old!I am an authorized Business Partner for the following Computer Equipment Manufacturers:Intel, Asus, 3Com, Cisco, Linksys, Fujitsu-Siemens, Seagate, Sony, Xerox, Micron, APCGeneral Pricing Schedule in the Jerusalem / Gush areaService Call (according to schedule) 250NIS + Tax (Not including parts)Service Call (Emergency call-out) 400NIS + Tax (Not including parts)If you bring your computer to my lab for service, you benefit by an 80NIS discount.References available from Private individuals, and Multi-Million Dollar Companies (in Israel since 1998).If you want to experience how my old-fashioned way of doing business has a very positive effect on your Bottom-Line (and on your peace-of-mind), call me.Menahem Yachad 02-960-5710yachadm AT (substitute @ for AT)