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Business OverviewWhile our primary focus is on the defense and security industry we are a full service information provider serving such diverse fields as Commerce and industry, IT, the arts, literature, academic research and demographics

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Business CategoryEngineering & Manufacturing
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InfoServe Ltd. “Up to date information is vital for making good decisions” Are you in need of information for:o    Business planning (financial, market research, competitive intelligence, legal)o    Due diligence (researching companies to reduce financial risk)o    Researchers (academic or professional)o    Information for grants, lectures, reports, tenders, patents, etc.o    Information from government or academic institutionso    Knowledge managemento    University Students – academic research, subject search (special rates)o    Pharmacological, health and medical issueso    Yeshiva students & Torah researcho    Professionals or individuals with little free time.o    To meet a deadline by tomorrow morning? Call me and I'll get you the info you need.o    Information from North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia or Asia.o    Technical, scientific or philosophical. Nothing is too exotic. If it's there I'll find it. Not all the information you are looking for is on the internet. In fact the most reliable information that you need does not appear at all on Google or the other most popular search engines. The place to look for the type of reliable, authorized, citated and/or annotated information that you need in order to make crucial decisions or substantiate your papers and reports are in online journals, online databases such as Dialog, Factima, Ovid, LexusNexus, Insight2, etc., bibliographic networks, and libraries.Let me do the searching for you. It's fast, inexpensive, and convenient. You'll receive the information you need by e-mail, fax or in your snail-mail mailbox. In whatever format you wish. Whatever is more convenient. The information can be in your hands within hours! You pay only for what you need. Call me at 056-401977 or e-mail: