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Company NameMACHSHEV.COM – Israeli Hi-Tech Joint Ventures & Marketing
Business OverviewForming Joint Ventures With Jewish/Israeli Entrepreneurs

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Business CategorySales & Marketing
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Hi. My name is Yishai.I just made Aliyah in December 2008 B"H.I have some experience in building websites and doing search engine optimization.I sell some machinery online and have achieved a #1 rank in a profitable niche. I am actively looking to meet up with Israeli entrepreneurs to do joint ventures.If you have some $$ or some ideas you want to see translated into websites, maybe I can help.  I can build the website, do SEO etc and am willing to work for a piece of whatever company is built.I am also open to hourly work. Feel free to send me an email about any ideas — I'm open to meeting and working with coders, entrepreneurs, marketers to collaborate on projects etc…  Yishai[AT]Machshev.com