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Business OverviewExcel, Access, Word, Outlook, online phone service, short or long term admin services.

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Business CategoryBusiness Services
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I am a remote/virtual assistant providing short or long term administrative services for private or small business demands.I have been working as a VA for several years now by handling a list of possible responsibilities such as-creating invoices (Sage or any other similar accounting programs, also חשבשבת)-managing debt collection via skype connection-creating spread sheets in Excel-daily updates in Access-addressing (converting) incoming files/paperwork, managing filing systems -managing e mail accounts-managing calendars and task lists (outlook or any other similar system that uses calendars)-creating/updating client lists, input data into client list systems-telephone answering service-typing Word documents from dictation via skype, or from recorded dictation sent to me in a file-online research and online data input. Spoken languages: English, Hebrew and HungarianSkype: d.chai.o e mail:  Working hours:Sun – Thurs : 9:00am to 17:00pm             Fri : 9:00am to 12:00pmPlease note that when working with customers located in a different time zone, working hours become more flexable, and must be agreed upon before a working relationship begans.   Pricing is based on the type and nature of each job offered. Some jobs can be done in within a fixed time limit with a fixed price, while other jobs might turn into ongoing projects with an hourly rate.