• Zvi Landsman posted an update: 6 years, 5 months ago

    ”are you a Blogger WIZz? social media expert?SEO master? and you know your 1,2,3 about plugins? you can add a landing page to my blog? connect it to my website and other social twitter/ etc.. You know how to create a newsletter to b sent to my ”Blog fans”rss, you know how to add plugins? adsense? partnership PPC? and do it all with SEO optimisation!explain to me and teach me how do i upload my articles/pictures etc.. and use tags, seo, headers, etc,… TO bottom line= bring traffic to my website (viewers), blog, fb, etc.. to appear in search engines naturally among the firsts..create profit $$ with PPC etc and ULTIMATLY GET jobs…YOU GET TEH PIC BY NOW? so u know what -who i need!! if its you, contact me via email, and tell me it wont cost me an arm and a leg! or we can figure out a cheaper way? i write for your blog (french and/or english) ? you design my blog my way ?… xples i liked :http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/graphene OR http://www.leblogdebetty.com/en/

    This message was posted on behalf of someone else. They have been alerted of this thread and may Reply with more info, or read this thread and follow-up with anyone who expresses interest in this #project