• Zvi Landsman posted an update: 6 years, 11 months ago

    ”Citybook Services Ltd. is seeking people with Excellent English reading comprehension skills and solid English writing ability to join our training program for summarizing U.S. real estate documents from home on a per diem basis.Participation in paid training course required. Training start date: Wednesday, 10 August 2011Duration: 6-8 weeks Stipend during training: NIS 22.04 per hour plus transportation (as per Israeli law)Salary for work: on an hourly basis, commensurate with experience. Resumes should be sent to: jobs@citybook.co.il; fax: 073-218-9852. ”

    This message was posted on behalf of someone else. They have been alerted of this thread and may Reply with more info, or read this thread and follow-up with anyone who expresses interest in this #project