• Zvi Landsman posted an update: 6 years, 11 months ago

    ”ZDH is looking to add additional interviewers to its work from home
    telemarketing team.

    Requirements are as follows:
    Must have a 4 year accredited American college degree.
    Must be proficient with computers.
    Past telemarketing or telephone based experience – a big advantage.

    Hours are 4pm-12am or later. (Israel time)

    Please send cv to
    with the words interviewer position in the subject.

    ZDH Sales
    Israel: 077-557-1654
    Israel Fax: 072-244-6505
    USA VOIP: 732-645-1676
    Toll Free: 888-5-ZDHsales
    Web: http://www.ZDHsales.com

    This message was posted on behalf of someone else. They have been alerted of this thread and may Reply with more info, or read this thread and follow-up with anyone who expresses interest in this #project