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    I am a photographer looking for a website designer! I need someone creative, different, and fun! Well priced and pleasant to deal with!
    Thanks ”

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    • Hi! I’d love to help you with your website! You can see some of my past work at my personal website, JakeBinstein.com. Please let me know if you’re interested!

    • I have enjoyed designing Websites for almost a decade. Clients include a children’s clothing company and party planner, Aish Connections (mostly E-mail blasts), Hasbara Fellowships (updating/improving blog), and the Council of Jewish Organizations, where I also taught graphics and Web design and continue to do so as a professional freelance tutor. I enjoy both the technical and creative end of Web design, designing user-friendly sites that are appealing and without errors. My education includes obtaining a Bachelors in Desktop Publishing at Touro College in New York, where I graduated Suma Cum Laude with an award in my field, and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Web and Multimedia Design from Touro College. I look forward to speaking with you further! chavad@ymail.com.

      Please visit some of my Websites:
      http://www.velvetyears.com (personal Website)
      http://www.growingleaves.com (personal Website)
      http://www.mycevents.com (Website created for a party planner)
      - http://www.kidsworldofusa.com (Website created for clothing company)

    • Hi. I’m experienced in setting up creative custom websites.
      We can work together to decide on the image and ”vibe” that you want your website to have, emphasizing the ”different” and ”fun” aspects.
      As a designer, I’m a very easy person to work with, and happy to provide recommendations to back that up. I also provide fast turnaround times, with a timetable that I stick to, so there are no delays or surprises.
      We can easily create a photo portfolio for you, to showcase your work and bring you new clients.
      Feel free to browse my website at http://www.drordesigns.com
      I can be reached at info@drordesigns.com or 0577-687-653
      Looking forward to hearing from you.
      Best, Chana Leah

    • Hi I am Miriam Isaac a web / graphic designer Please view my portfolio at http://www.miriamisaacdesign.com Thanks!