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    ”Web Developers Needed-Work from home
    Advertising Company is looking for full time Web developers, well experienced in a LAMP stack (Linux, MySQL, Apache PHP) using, CSS, HTML, JS and FLASH (AS3).

    This company develops innovative web applications for automated video production for cross media publishing. Due to the company’s expansion we are actively interviewing for talented developers with sharp skills in all things PHP.The company is located in Bergen County NJ

    The developers will be working on existing code, as well as on new developments of related features and product expansion using a diversified variety of programming tools.

    Technical Skills required:
    - 3+ years of professional experience in PHP, and object oriented programming skills
    - Advanced understanding of relational databases using MySQL
    - Good experience in creating table less designs in HTML and CSS
    - Well versed in JS and Flash
    send CV to jobs@rybtech.com
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