Who can compete with this? Israel can!

I just received the following e-mail solicitation from an American organization that will remain nameless:

Looking for a thriving, centrally located, modern orthodox community?

Spend a Shabbos at the xxxxx and experience our warmth and hospitality for yourself.
• Over 180 orthodox families and growing
• New Family Initiative – $25,000 interest-free loan
• Free membership first year and $10,000 savings in shul dues
• Hebrew Elementary School – $7,500 per student discount over 3 years (Grades K-6)
Convenient Eruv and beautiful Mikveh
• Kosher Butcher/Takeout/Bakery/Pizza and more
• Easy Access to major highways and train

Having lived in Israel for close to 4 years now, I was a bit shocked at the escalation in the cost of Jewish American life! In the interest of educating those who may not yet have considered the benefits of life in Israel, here’s Israel’s counter-offer for you:

  • A thriving Jewish community of over 6 million with a growing percentage of Modern Orthodox, Chardal, Chassidic & Chareidi – some living in seclusion, others living in mixed religious neighborhoods, and many people involved in kiruv living in mixed religious/secular neighborhoods.
  • Free airline ticket to Israel for each family member.
  • Nefesh B’Nefesh assistance with all required paperwork and processing.
  • Sal Klita absorption basket financial benefits based on family size and ages.
  • Modern and inexpensive health care
    (e.g., we paid over $12,000 in co-pays and premiums during our last year in the US for our family of three – and have averaged less than $2,000 per year for the same services with superior care in Israel).
  • Free shul membership (in most Anglo communities) during your first year of Aliyah – which translates into approximately NIS 250/$65 to NIS 1800/$475 per year depending on shul (compared to $10,000 per year from the advertisement above!)
  • Tuition-Free Public Hebrew Elementary Schools or discounted Private Elementary School costing 2500 shekels (under $700) to 10,000 shekels (approx. $2700) per year depending on your choice of school.
    In addition to free tuition, we have spent an average of 2000 shekels (approx. $525) per year for books, school shirts and class trips to Holy places.
  • Eruvim in all communities with religious citizens and a beautiful selection of Mikvehs.
  • Kosher Food everywhere! Choose your neighborhood and you’ll be sure to find butchers, grocery stores, restaurants, take-out shops, bakeries, pizzerias and more meeting your particular hechsher preference.
  • Great public transportation and easy access to major highways.
  • Top Notch Security
  • Strong Economy – including Housing that’s increasing in value every day.
  • Jewish history around every corner and under every stone
  • Jewish culture
  • Jewish holidays
  • The home of the future Beit HaMikdash
  • A community waiting to welcome you home! The only home for the future-thinking Jewish family.

If you’ve already made Aliyah, please feel free to add more comparisons below.

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One Response to Who can compete with this? Israel can!

  1. Avatar of motal7 motal7 says:

    Wonderfully put !
    I hope you sent it back to the solicitor who sent you the add !

    Keep up the great work, Tehillah

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