Navoto GSM Gateway User Manual

Last fall I began a project for a new hi-tech start-up company with an innovative product – Navoto GSM Gateway. I always enjoy working with entrepreneurs and this project was no exception as I was invited to participate from the early stages over months of refinement and up to the product launch last month.

Navoto GSM Gateway provides a cost effective solution for keeping people connected to their Skype, mobile phone and PBX extension line. By simply attaching the Navoto GSM Gateway to a PBX phone extension line and PC, and inserting a local GSM card into the SIM card slot, the feature-rich, small Navoto GSM Gateway box provides many advanced capabilities.

I wrote the user manual, safety/quick start guide and multiple press releases for various audiences (the main release is included below).

As with many start-ups, I was asked to help with lots of extras – including the packaging on this product.

I wish Navoto much success with their SkypeTM-approved service product.

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