Next month the UJC is bringing no less than NINE missions to Israel. In July another SIX. That’s just one organization from one country. People are pouring into Israel through organized missions by the tens of thousands. From all over the world.

Missions don’t bring people to Israel. They bring Israel to the people. Expertly prepared and conducted by highly trained professionals, missions seem to grow and grow in popularity attracting more and more people.

Yet, not everybody wants to come to Israel on a mission. For a multitude of reasons. And this where Judy Isaacson has built a very successful business. Judy caters more for individuals, not groups. Her database of more than 1700 names comprises of customers who have invited her, not only to plan trips around Israel, but also to organize  weddings and other social events on their behalf.

Her frequent basket of daily e-mails contain requests of almost every kind. Somebody once asked her for a list of top restaurants in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Another family wanted advance bookings for seats at concerts.

Judy’s knowledge of Israel is vast. She knows every hotel and all other forms of accomodation throughout the country. She can tell you where to go and when. Everything is individually tailored to suit the customer.

But there’s something else worth thinking about. The number of Israelis who really don’t know what treasures lie awaiting them in their own country is remarkable. Judy caters not just for tourists. Her business  caters for everybody, wherever they live.  

So, next time you’re thinking about a holiday for the family, turn to Drive-Israel for some original ideas from a highly experienced expert.

Visit Judy Isaacson’s website on The range of activities and networks is well documented and easy to follow.

Or contact her by e-mail on







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