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We design and build blogs and wikis for businesses. Small and medium professional businesses, from consultants to lawyers, accountants to real-estate brokers can benefit from an ongoing stream of ideas and opinions. The blog and wiki format have changed the way professionals interact with the world. The term Web2.0 has come to symbolize this drastic change in how we use the web and how people consume information. To create your own blog on a professional level we offer: Strategy and mission development: what do you want to tell the world? Research: examples of blogs and articles which can be useful for your message Blog and wiki design: what look and feel best fits your image? Article writing and editing plan: the content for a launch (20 + article topics) Editing: getting more content written (by you or other) Promotion, Tagging, Linking: Getting noticed and placing articles in the right place Blogs and wikis have replaced standard web sites and e-Mail newsletters because they are easier to use. They are also easier to create and keep going over a long period of time. They usually have fresh material and can focus on a narrow subject. All these traits are helpful in using this new technology.   Sample blogs we have worked on: Israel Tomorrow Life in Tel Aviv, a personal view of life without politics, terrorism and mass media. Leaf Strategy How to use classic military strategy in modern business: what to learn from Clausewitz, Sun Tzu and Machiavelli Business Blogging Ideas How to use new marketing techniques in small and medium businesses