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  • This time, we’re talking about facing reality. We might imagine that, as long as a person isn’t suffering from a serious psychological illness, the older he gets, the easier it is for him to accept reality and deal with his problems realistically. Yet when we contemplate things, we can see that every one of us still [...]

  • In our previous tip we spoke about the importance of a weekly date and how to incorporate it into our lives.   This week we will deal with coming home. This may seem to be of minimal significance, but from my experience, this tip is of utmost importance. My weekly tip to you is: Come home [...]

  • Reports say that about 35% of all couples who marry in Israel will eventually get a divorce. In the western world and in particular in industrialized countries, the percentage is even higher and the vast majority of those couples who originally pledge fidelity with sparkling eyes and hearts full of love, find themselves in a tragic whirlpool [...]