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  • Recently, Chareidio Global News was called to task over the use of the word "militant" in place of "terrorist" that appeared in one of our stories on a rocket attack launched from Gaza against the Israeli town of Sderot. Indeed, many consider it a "distortion of words", a mudding of the distinction between good and evil, [...]

  • As authorities make their belated swoop on the now-defunct Ponzi scheme that once went by a prestigious Wall Street name, mass-media has gathered on the sidelines to report the facts of the case as they become available.   There’s little to say, of course, other than what is quoted directly from court documents, and from companies now…[Read more]

  • Media Frenzy: How to deal with a crisis. Michoel Lipman, Founder Chareidio Global News Network December 1, 2008 News media never pervades our consciousness as much as in a crisis. When something awful happens, such as the tragic terror attack in Mumbai last week, one of our first reactions, unfortunately, is to seek out the news media for…[Read more]