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Company NameInspiring Body Mind and Soul
Business OverviewBody/Mind therapist specializing in trauma, anxiety, physical and emotional pain. Registered Complementary Practioner

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Business CategoryHealth & Wellness
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Rhonda Joy Eagle, RCP    Body-Mind Therapist  Rhonda Factor specializes in self- empowerment and conflict resolution. A body/mind therapist for over 18 years, Rhonda has helped thousands of people through her numerous workshops, seminars, private practice, and community involvement.  Canadian-born and raised, Rhonda has lived in Israel for the past 30 years. She has actively participated in interfaith and intercultural crisis resolution work fostering understanding and cooperation between peoples of all faiths and walks of life throughout the world.   International experience in Israel, US, and South Africa Rhonda has been a body and energy facilitator since 1991, having worked in a public health complementary medicine clinic and in her private practice.  Her background also includes formal certification as a Dental Hygienist in the US and Israel, nutritional studies, and breastfeeding consultation. In 2002, Rhonda became a member of the "For The One Dance" staff —a multinational team involved in conflict resolution and empowerment for individuals as well as various groups, nationalities, and countries. She has been active in "For The One Dance" trainings and dances in the United States, Israel and South Africa.   In the past four years, she has "Chiefed the Dance" in both Israel and South Africa. Healing through sound, vibration, touch, and conscious awareness Rhonda believes in the power of deliberate intent as vehicle for developing and achieving new consciousness in conflict resolution, ecology, and recognition of the interconnectedness of all life. She knows that achieving real peace and cooperation between people is not only possible, but absolutely achievable.   Rhonda has developed a multilevel body-mind technique using sound, vibration, touch and conscious awareness.   This process  activates the unique expression and empowerment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of one’s life. Among the techniques Rhonda incorporates into her work are: cranio-sacral therapy, muscle testing, aromatherapy, reflexology, fine tuning of the bioenergetic field and conscious body awareness, Somatic Experiencing® and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Each session Rhonda gives is individually tuned and tailored to a client's needs and desired goals.  Extensive experience in solving a wide range of issues Rhonda has extensive experience in working with the following issues:·       ADHD, concentration, focus, grounding ·       Manifestation of goals, staying on a consistent path·       Female issues: PMS, Menopause and other female conditions ·       Anxiety, depression, trauma, victim mentality·       Posture, structural imbalances, muscle tension ·       Digestive disorders,  nutritional imbalances·       Getting "unstuck” , back into the flow of life   For more information, appointments and consultations, contact me And visit my website at:   052 2985416I welcome anyone interested in hosting an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) workshop/training for the price of the workshop to contact me. Blessings And Wellness,Rhonda Joy