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Dr. Reuven Rosenberg

Company NameThe Integrative Health Center
Business OverviewChiropractic Neurology, Clinical Nutrition, Lab Testing, Phone Consults, Neck Pain, Back Pain,
Years of Experience11-20
LocationIsrael, U.S., Europe, South Africa

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Business CategoryHealth & Wellness
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I am a chiropractor specializing in neurology & nutrition, having studied neurology with Dr. Ted Carrick and Dr. Michael Hall in Dallas, TX and clinical nutrition with Drs. Jeff Weber and Alan Pressman in the NYC area. I treat many neurological diseases and disorders, such as ADD/ADHD, Parkinson's, & Alzheimer's by using a combination of hands on techniques and functional lab testing. I test for hormones and neurotransmitters, parasites and yeast infections, and overall metabolic function. Based upon lab tests I prescribe nutrients that are targeted and specific to the problem. The body is like a house that is constantly under construction. Nutrients are to the body what construction materials are to a house. In the presence of disease and dysfunction a depletion of nutrients can be found.  In order to correct the problem it's necessary to replete the body with the specific nutrients it needs.  The body knows what to do with the nutrients it receives it order to build up the structures that need it most.  The brain and nervous system control all the other body systems.  By addressing brain function and the internal environment all systems including the brain can be normalized or improved. I have developed a program called The 4R Program.   Remove, Replace, Repair, and Reinoculate.  We want to Remove toxins, yeasts & parasites, etc, Replace with healthy nutrients, Repair the damage that's been done, and Reinoculate the GI system with beneficial probiotics. Acidophilus is one probiotic most people are familiar with but there are many others.  This last step is so important because about 80% of the immune system is located in the gut.  I see my patients as a complete picture structurally, functionally, & metabolically.


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