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    TFE provides the highest quality English transcription services, at the fraction of the usual rates. We strictly hire 100% native English speakers — American born with high-level university/college degrees. We provide unbeatable value to our clients with our transcripts. We are your down the block transcription company — at a fraction of the rates. We are your ideal transcription providers.

    A career in transcription provides the most wonderful and unique window into such a wide variety of fields and subjects. Everyday one transcribes one learns incredible things. We specialize in matching typists with appropriate projects for them (turnaround, audio difficulty) to bring out the best in our typists. Inexperienced, but highly motivated, individuals are more than welcome. At TFE, indeed transcription is for everyone.

    Applicants must possess the following skills/qualities:

    At-home office (quiet workspace a must!) with reliable Internet connection

    Computer with external mouse and keyboard (anti-RSI preferred)

    High-quality over-the-ear headphones (preferably noise canceling)

    Strong overall computer knowledge (specifically email, Internet browsing, and Word)

    High grammar and research abilities (spelling of proper nouns)

    Ability to learn independently and accept criticism to improve their work quality

    Driven and motivated for a long-term career in transcription

    Avaiability of at least one hour per day three times per week.

    Applicants must be legally able to work in Israel.

    Qualified candidates earn approximately $10 per hour within a month’s time.

    If you would like to jon our team, please contact us today with your CV and cover letter detailing why you would make a strong addition to the Transcription for Everyone team.

    This is a company with room for growth. Transcribers become editors become team leaders. Our sales and marketing division continues to grow, as well as our need for HR and business development. We invite you to apply today.

    Contact Information:


    http://www.transcriptionforeveryone.com #project